About us


Avadiss Legal Associates is a partnership law firm founded in 2012. It is a full-service law firm with a strong focus on foreign-related legal matters. Our practical knowledge and rich experiences allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to our private and foreign corporate clients.

Since its founding, Avadiss has always believed in the highest level of integrity, followed a people-oriented approach, and given back to the society whenever possible. We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective services.

All of our attorneys, CPAs, and tax professionals were educated in prestigious institutions across the Globe. In addition to rich local experiences, most of our professionals have also worked in international law firms in USA and Australia. To this extent, Avadiss is a professional organization that combines local knowledge and international perspectives.

Our International Project Cooperation Department (IPCD) utilizes the global resources and client network that Avadiss professionals have built over the years to initiate and enhance collaborations between Iranian and foreign enterprises.

At Avadiss, we continuously seek ways to improve our specialized knowledge. Based on the principles of practice area specialization and complementary advantages, we assign professionals who are the most experienced in the related fields to each case. A working group lead by the most appropriate personnel is established for each case to ensure that the client receives customized response to their needs.

Avadiss is an integrally managed firm with its headquarters in Tehran and branch offices across Iran, Greece, Oman and Cyprus. Our professionals work seamlessly across different offices to provide prompt, comprehensive and consistent services to our clients.

We work closely with industrial and commercial associations and academic communities in Iran, Greece, Switzerland and the U.S. We have also established long-term cooperative relationships with law firms and accounting firms across the Globe to provide seamless solutions to our clients’ cross-border problems.

Avadiss Legal Associates is also the only approved law firm by the European Union being awarded the EBC (European Business Competence) license and nominated to be the point of contact for several European entities willing to establish new ties in Middle East region.

Avadiss main areas of practice include:
(1) Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Direct Investment, and Corporate Law;
(2) Trade and Customs;
(3) Taxation;
(4) Unfair Competition and Antitrust;
(5) Compliance and Corporate Governance;
(6) Labor & Employment;
(7) Real Estate and Constructions;
(8) Administrative Licensing;
(9) Environmental Protection and Circular Economy;
(10) Technology Transfer and Intellectual Properties;
(11) Product Safety and Consumer Protection;
(12) Dispute Resolution.

(13) Immigration


The current clients of Avadiss include fortune 200 companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, economic organizations, industry associations, and local entities.

Avadiss is different from other firms since our services have the following advantages:
(1) Close cooperation among legal professionals in Iran and abroad;
(2) Thorough comprehension of Iranian law and administrative practice, to the extent of not only knowing the results, but also understanding the reasons behind the results;
(3) Emphasis on truly understanding clients’ problems and finding practical solutions to achieving clients’ goals;
(4) Attention to details and pursuit of perfection;
(5) Comprehensive and accurate information collection through our broad network;
(6) Strong tenacity in overcoming difficult problems and new challenges. We use these advantages to create the best approaches for achieving our clients’ objectives.

The spirit of nonstop learning, strong persistence, and continuous innovation is the backbone of Avadiss service model. Our accurate detection of and prompt reaction to the changes in law and the society locally and international enables us to provide the most effective legal solutions to our clients.